Strategy PKO Banking Platform

The bank continues its path of digital transformation, transforming itself into the PKO Banking Platform. It focuses on deepening customer relations by using modern technologies and personalizing the product offer.
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The Strategy focuses on four pillars that the bank intends to develop and reinforce until 2022:

Accessible, mobile and personal

A digital banking model which uses advanced analytics to ensure personalized experience in customers’ everyday life.

Open and innovative

Using open banking possibilities, strategic partnerships and cloud solutions to propose innovative solutions to customers.

Digital and effective

Digitized processes with minimal manual service requirements, paperless. A fast and safe cloud-based bank.

Shaping competences of the future

A motivated and committed team with competences adapted to the new business challenges, working smoothly, using state-of-the-art technologies.

The Strategy takes into account the non-financial (ESG) factors:

PKO Bank of the Future:

  • is aware of the challenges resulting from climate change,
  • gradually eliminates actions harmful to the environment,
  • supports environmental education,
  • is driven by the principle of social responsibility,
  • takes into account the impact of its activities on the society, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders,
  • improves its corporate governance,
  • ensures transparency of its management principles.

The bank's consolidated financial goals defined for 2022:

bln PLN
Net profit
Target ROE
C/I ratio
Cost of risk
Payout capacity

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