42. Other liabilities

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Accounting policies

Liabilities included in this item are measured at amounts due which cover potential interest on the liabilities, and the accrual for future payments in reliably estimated, justified amounts necessary to meet the present obligation as at the end of the reporting period. Non-financial liabilities are measured in accordance with the measurement policies binding for particular types of liabilities recognized in this item.

Financial information

OTHER LIABILITIES 31.12.2020 31.12.2019
Other financial liabilities 3 011 3 217

Costs to be paid

559 567

Interbank settlements

276 461

Liabilities arising from investing activities and internal operations

379 251

Amounts due to suppliers

132 204

Liabilities and settlements in respect of trading in securities

247 586

Settlement of financial instruments

38 22

Liabilities in respect of foreign exchange activities

245 201

Liabilities in respect of payment cards

31 20

Lease liabilities

1 090 894


14 11
Other non-financial liabilities 1 692 1 475

Deferred income

663 454

Liability in respect of tax on certain financial institutions

87 86

Liabilities in respect of a contribution to the Bank Guarantee Fund maintained in the form of payment obligations

590 394

to the Resolution Fund

308 217

to the Banks’ Guarantee Fund

282 177

Liabilities under the public law

83 158


269 383
Total 4 703 4 692

The item “Liabilities in respect of contributions to the Bank Guarantee Fund” includes an obligation to pay contributions to the BGF (see the Note “Assets pledged to secure liabilities and financial assets transferred).

As at 31 December 2020 and as at 31 December 2019, the Group did not have any liabilities in respect of which it did not meet its contractual obligations.

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